Our Operations


Block Commodities, in line with its investment strategy, is exploring potential entry points into the fertiliser production industry within Africa to add another complementary industry division to its operations. The Company has a prime interest in both the exploration & extraction and trading sectors of the fertiliser industry and intends to add other complementary aspects in due course, as it continues to explore opportunities.

Fertilisers - the demand

Historically, it was standard practice in the agricultural industry to leave land fallow for a number of years so that the soil could be replenished with nutrients in order to maintain its fertility. However, as demand for food has risen, in line with global population growth, leaving fields fallow is becoming less practical. Higher demand for food is having to be satisfied by obtaining higher yields from existing acreage, which in turn requires the increased use of fertilisers, such as potash, to maintain the balance of nutrients found in soil. Potash, which is the common name for various potassium-bearing materials and compounds, improves the water retention, yield, nutrient value, taste, colour and texture of crops and is commonly applied to a wide range of fruits and vegetables, as well as rice, wheat, corn and other grains, sugar, soybeans, palm oil and cotton, all of which benefit from the nutrient's quality enhancing properties.

Crucially, potassium's role cannot be replicated by other nutrients and currently there is no commercially viable alternative to potash as a source of potassium fertiliser.