Overview and Strategy

Block Commodities is focused on creating a vertically integrated platform for the mining, production and distribution of fertiliser, which the Board believes could generate material value for shareholders. A combination of rising demographics and growing affluence in the developing world has led to a structural shift higher in global demand for agricultural produce. Accommodating the increase in demand for foodstuffs will require a greater use of fertilisers, which creates an opportunity for a pan-African, London listed vehicle, focussed on fertiliser.


Maximising value through blockchain ecosystems

The core assets of Block Commodities are its fertilizer assets and fertilizer trading business in Zambia. The Company will now focus on maximising the value of its trading business through the deployment of blockchain. In addition, the technological innovation of blockchain technologies can be used to maximise the value of African agricultural commodities and other commodities which the Company is exploring. These resources will be linked through the vertical integration of primary industries down to consumers via blockchain platforms. In reclaiming the value lost in African agricultural and extractive industries through inefficient supply and distribution systems, Block Commodities will help African farmers raise productivity as well as secure better returns for produce. This is an important step to, establishing African communities as future significant global agricultural producers.


Using blockchain's ability to dynamically incorporate all market participants into an efficient ecosystem, Block Commodities aims to facilitate the commercial operation of such ecosystems in the context of the agricultural production cycle. Initial geographic focus will be in Republic of Congo (ROC), Malawi, Uganda, Zambia and South Africa, with further development of Block Commodities' relationship with COMESA.